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On The Level

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Insights on mental health issues and addictions:

Dr. Jeanette and Cortland Pfeffer reflect on mental health and illness through history; the constant quest to drug a problem down until it no longer causes an issue for anyone.

What is a mental illness?  How can you evaluate a problem with the way you think or feel when challenges arise in your life?  Is a drug the answer to ‘fix’ the illness?  Are you looking for a label to define what is ‘wrong’ with you?  What is health of the body and mind?  Is there a gold standard and all over deviations from the norm a problem to be fixed?

My guest is Cortland Pfeffer, author of Taking The Mask Off, his personal journey from the dark up to the light with the conviction to strip off the stigma society has painted those who suffer from mental illness and even addiction.

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