How Earth’s newest continent ‘Zealandia’was found

Hutts Green Planet


Scientist recently discovered that “earth has a brand-new continent called Zealandia,” writes Dave Mosher in an article for Business Insider Australia. “What’s less widely known about the discovery, however, is how it came about.”

“Zealandia, which spans roughly 4.9 million square kilometers and is about 95% underwater, was a revelation more than a half-century in the making. And like many geologic discoveries, it began with the human drive to mine natural resources.”

The 1960s marked the beginning of New Zealand’s offshore drilling efforts. Since “that time the country’s crude oil production per capita has grown to 30% that of US output, and it’s a significant economic boon for the island nation.”

To find out if there was more continental crust — and the oil it conceals — deep below the ocean around New Zealand and New Caledonia, oil prospectors and geologists began drilling samples from the…

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