President Trump calls for one of the largest defence spending increases in history’…

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – President Donald Trump reiterated his call for a massive increase in military spending Thursday while visiting a Virginia shipyard aboard the future USS Gerald R. Ford

Trump visited Hampton Roads Thursday afternoon where he addressed Newport News Shipbuilding about major topics surrounding defense spending.

President Donald Trump to speaks at Newport News shipyard on March 2, 2017.


With that announcement, Trump said the defense sequester is being eliminated. That’s good news for the Newport News shipyard, which plans to now hire 3,000 more workers. After speaking to Arnold Outlaw, the Union Steelworkers 8888 spokesman, he had high hopes for what this could mean for workers.

Trump to speak at Newport News shipyard“I hope he’s coming to tell the company to get up off some of that money they bragged about on the 16th to take a part in the wealth of the shipyard because of course we are the ones who make the wealth of the shipyard for them,” said Outlaw.

Trump called this spending announcement the “largest increases in National Defense spending in American history,” and said he will be giving the plan to Congress.

As for the President’s choice for Secretary of the Navy, that is still to be determined. Last month President Trump selected Philip Bilden who withdrew his name from consideration saying he told the Secretary of Defense he could not commit to the engagement due to preexisting financial holdings.


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