Rumour Mill News – anything is possible now with Trump as president…

“With Trump now president anything is possible, even claims in this post.”

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Sunday, 14-Feb-2016 20:47:26

RMN is an RA production.

Articles In This Thread

Scalia Murdered, Republic To Be Announced?? VIDEO Dr. Mount (views: 4561)
Lymerick — Sunday, 14-Feb-2016 20:47:26

Lyndon Johnson – Sodium morphate “heart attack” at his ranch on the Pedernales River, TX. – Last Words (views: 1979)
Infoeditor — Sunday, 14-Feb-2016 22:24:00

Secret Service Agent Mike Howard Who Aided Marina Oswald After JFK Murder Was Reportedly With LBJ – 3 mo. after LBJ said “Murder Inc.” (views: 885)
Infoeditor — Sunday, 14-Feb-2016 22:33:57

Reader: Sodium Morphate – “I sure would like to see a chemical formula for this mystery Hollywood drug …” (views: 504)
hobie — Sunday, 14-Feb-2016 23:45:04   Pufferfish poison?    NZ PM Norman Kirk died in hospital in 1974.


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