Anxious? Paranoid? It’s probably not the weed…

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cannabis Green foliage of Cannabis sativa – drug, hemp

Park rangers, scientists and now immigrants have all weathered attacks from America’s new president. Make no mistake: if they’re not after you now, they soon will be. It’s right and proper to be anxious and paranoid in times like these, but at least one culprit for an ill wind bringing you to unease can be ruled out.

By itself, cannabis is “no more than a minor risk factor” for anxiety disorders, new research has found.

As Broadly observed last week, there are a number of research studies that conclude marijuana users may develop anxiety disorder symptoms at a rate higher than the general, non-using public. But when Conal Twomey, a professor of psychology and researcher at the University of Southampton in the U.K., took a look at the studies, he found them wanting.

Most of…

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