The Super Rich are preparing for the Pitchforks…


The Super Rich Are Preparing for The PitchForks

Persistent rumors are moving around the executive circles about the preparations being made by some of the super-rich. These preparations involve among others, buying properties in far off exotic islands of the Pacific.

Some years ago, one of Fulford’s reports he mentioned about the request of the Cabalists to have their own island somewhere in New Zealand. The problem is that the natives living there disliked the whole idea and protested.

New Zealand was then hit with an earthquake.

And while the European Oligarchy are preparing for their greatest escape, they are throwing some distractions along the way, e. g. Greece is the “new hub for terrorists.”

What is striking about the prevailing character within the Oligarchy is that they seem to not know where and how to correct the system they created and admit to be dysfunctional.

We, the victims, do know how to proceed from here, i.e. make all resources available to the masses and let them decide how to responsibly utilize those. Because right now, it is the Oligarchy that is mismanaging the planet’s resources and they don’t have the slightest idea that their plutocratic accumulation of the Earth’s wealth doesn’t provide them the security they thought they could have.

The pitchforks are coming, and they are realizing it now.

Except this bastard…

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