Slater slates English again – back to the Future…

On The Level

English’s elevation causing division within National even before he has officially been declared leader…

15328376_1258450817526804_827436682_nProminent right-wing blogger and long-time supporter of John Key Cameron Slater has ditched his support for National – and he hasn’t left quietly.

Slater has deep links within the party, claiming to be a personal friend of former leadership contender Judith Collins and boasts outgoing Prime Minister John Key in his mobile contacts. His father, John Slater, served as President of the National Party in the later months of the Shipley government and left when Bill English first became leader in 2001.

Despite this, Slater the younger is also no fan of the centre-minded English. He’s come out lashing, accusing the Prime Minister designate of “bullying” MPs into supporting him.

Slater wrote on his blog WhaleOil “[English] has threatened MPs still waiting on selections that they would be rinsed if they didn’t declare, he’s promised others…

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