Is Prince Harry the son of James Hewitt?

Prince Harry Paternity Scandal: Princess Diana’s Lover James Hewitt Met Di 18 Months BEFORE Harry Was Born?

Prince Harry Paternity Scandal: Princess Diana's Lover James Hewitt Met Di 18 Months BEFORE Harry Was Born?

The Royal Family seems to be keeping more dark family secrets than we can count on our two hands – and rumor has it that Prince Harry’s paternity is one of them. Is Prince Charles or James Hewitt the father of Prince Harry, Princess Diana’s second son? For years friends and followers of the Royal Family have questioned whether Princess Diana’s younger son Prince Harry is actually Prince Charles’s son – or one of her alleged lovers’ children. Rumor has it that Prince Harry himself has even questioned who his biological father is – and for good reason, unlike his mother, father, and brother Prince Harry has his signature bright orange hair, which is ironically identical to one of Diana’s alleged lovers – James Hewitt.

Rumors have been floating around forever that James Hewitt could be that father of Prince Harry – although the Royal Family has vehemently denied it, especially his maybe-dad Prince Charles. Although the Royal Family has been trying desperately to put the scandal behind them, James Hewitt just doesn’t seem to want to let them, and keeps egging on the rumors. According to the latest edition of GLOBE Magazine, “Love rat James Hewitt is stirring the pot once again as he endorses a controversial new stage play suggesting he is the real father of redheaded Prince Harry. John Conway, the writer of “Truth, Lies, And Diana” claims the princess’s former lover – also a redhead – has described the scenes about his life with the tragic royal as ‘accurate.’”

Obviously the Royal Family is not happy about James Hewitt once again reminding the public that he could very easily be the father of Princess Diana’s 30 year old son Prince Harry, and changing his story. In the past Hewitt has insisted that he didn’t meet Princess Diana until two years after Prince Harry was born, so there is no way he could be his father. However, according to GLOBE, in the shocking new play about Hewitt’s affair with Diana, it is revealed that Hewitt actually met Diana 18 months before Harry was born – meaning that he truly could be the Prince’s father.

So, do you think that the rumors are true and James Hewitt could be Prince Harry’s father? Why do you think he suddenly changed his story about when he met Princess Diana? How about A SIMPLE DNA TEST to resolve the issue? What can Prince Charles think? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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