Pivot to asia: Ongoing US militarisation of Pacific an alarming trend…


The Pivot to Asia, which is really the US militarization of the Pacific Ocean in preparation for war with China and Russia, is a highly disturbing trend. Not so much attention has been paid to it, yet it is an arena which will determine the future balance of world power.

While most eyes are on Syria, Yemen, the European migrant crisis, and other trouble in the Middle East, the US is continuing a massive and unprecedented buildup all throughout the Pacific – the biggest military buildup in any area since World War 2. Meanwhile, tension between the US and China has been steadily increasing, with the dispute over the South China Sea becoming strained, and China deliberately thumbing its diplomatic nose at Obama earlier this month, by refusing to roll out the red carpet for him at the G20 meeting in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. China and Russia have also begun conducting naval war games in the South China Sea.

Is the Pivot to Asia about to erupt into something more serious t



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