New Zealand – A country in crisis…

On The Level

"Gigantic Clown" John Key
“Gigantic Clown” John Key

New Zealand is in Crisis, after eight years of an incompetent, dishonest and likely corrupt National Government, the Country is staggering and is not far from total collapse.

Crime is out of control, and even the incompetent Gov’t now admits we are hundreds of Police short, completely due to their refusal to increase Police funding since they have been in power!

  • Robberies up 44%
  • Burglaries up 29%

These increases are almost unheard of in a Western World Country!

The Health System is collapsing, with the incompetent National Government currently under spending by 1.7 billion dollars per year (according to a top NZ Economist), meaningDisability Services are in crisis, and staffing of Hospitals is approaching levels that mean they are struggling to operate.

Homelessness is at levels most New Zealanders thought they would never see in New Zealand,

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