Inspirational Zeno of Citium quotes…

 Zeno of Citium quotes

Zeno of Citium quotes

Zeno of Citium (c. 334 – c. 262 BC) was a Hellenistic thinker from Citium , Cyprus, and probably of Phoenician descent. This post features some inspirational Zeno of Citium quotes. Zeno was the founder of the Stoic school of philosophy, which he taught in Athens from about 300 BC. Based on the moral ideas of the Cynics, Stoicism laid great emphasis on goodness and peace of mind gained from living a life of Virtue in accordance with Nature. It proved very successful, and flourished as the dominant philosophy from the Hellenistic period through to the Roman era.

The Universe, in Zeno’s view, is God: a divine reasoning entity, where all the parts belong to the whole. Into this pantheistic system he incorporated the physics of Heraclitus; the Universe contains a divine artisan-fire, which foresees everything, and extending throughout the Universe, must produce everything.

Like the Cynics, Zeno recognised a single, sole and simple good, which is the only goal to strive for. “Happiness is a good flow of life,” said Zeno, and this can only be achieved through the use of right Reason coinciding with the Universal Reason (Logos), which governs everything. A bad feeling (pathos) “is a disturbance of the mind repugnant to Reason, and against Nature.” This consistency of soul, out of which morally good actions spring, is Virtue, true good can only consist in Virtue.

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