Did Jesus use cannabis?


WOW….this is really interesting….watch the video.

Ha ha …this would be a good bible study.  God said He gave us the herbsto heal us.  Is this why cannaboids have a natural brain receptors in humans.  We are wired that way.  So…why are we using all these chemical drugs made by pharma when we can grow this one for free?

 Was it in the incense they burned in Israel ?  Sounds like it….there’s arecipe and it’s in there.

Sounds like theyalso used the oil for anointing  as a medicine.

He says Jesus used cannibas.…wonder if that’s true? Probably just for healing.   It was also used by the Hebrews & other ancient cultures as ahealing herb.  Apparently it was common use in His day.   We even import hemp, but cannot grow it here.

Cana means reed— and bos means fragrant

Why is it forbidden now?  Well –it might put a lot of our modern industries out of business— eg. Levis & other clothing, and big Pharma, paper companies,  the lumber industry….hemp has lots of uses & certainly superior to what we are using today.

Their clothes were even made of hemp and their clothes would never wear out.  The word canvas came from the hemp they made their tents out of.

The City Jesus did his first Miracle in was called Cana, that is the word we get Cannabis from. Cana is a Greek Transliteration of Cannabis. This was anciently known as the City of Cannabis. Watch this video it may change your whole perspective on Jesus.

video:  https://youtu.be/aidHn3IvsHk

Hmmm…he may be right….a fragrant reed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etymology_of_cannabis




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