And now the NZ Government is coming for the whistleblowers…


The National Government will imprison whistleblowers -if your enemy is people telling the truth, then you have deep deep deep problems.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.26.40 am

It just got far, far worse.

The new spy powers don’t just allow the SIS and GCSB vast new access to your Government files, gives them warrantless spying for 24 hours  which allows them to break into our homes, plant cameras and spy on us and all they need is the pretence of ‘national security’ to do it all.

The SIS won’t be allowed to break into your computers remotely and the GCSB won’t be able to break into your house, BUT (and here’s the joke) if they are operating under a joint warrant, they can do all those things.

These new powers follow up the mass surveillance legislation National rammed through Parliament that allowed agencies to ask the GCSB to spy on NZers. These new powers a;lopes the GCSB to do that all on their own.

A department that has been caught being racist in private will have huge unchecked powers – but it gets so much worse.

Now any whistleblower detailing illegal spying to the media will be…

Nicky Hager would have been prosecuted. Andrea Vance could have been prosecuted. Jon Stephenson could have been prosecuted.  This blog could have been prosecuted.

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