New Synthetic World, on the way…

Perhaps that’s what is meant by a New World Order?

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Friends, the newest wireless trends and the upcoming 5G wireless networks may be exciting to some people, possibly those souls who made some type of karmic agreement to participate in a mostly synthetic, non-intimacy oriented, wireless world. But these trends are not exciting to me nor many others like me, whose karmic agreements are more aligned with participating in a natural world. I almost feel as if the present toxic wireless trends, which seem so cool and “connected” to most people, are basically crowding me out of this world, making less and less space for natural living.

If you would like immerse yourself in a few short experiences of what is coming, watch these videos about the new 5G wireless being developed and rolled out in the next few years. There is nothing conspiratorial here, just basic facts about 5G in the videos below, but interesting nonetheless.

However, I would like to suggest, if you watch these videos with open eye(s), this is all part of the new “Transhuman Agenda.” Plain, clear and obvious. And this agenda is moving along rapidly and perfectly. Genetically modified food. Geo-engineered, nanoparticulate metallic atmosphere that is highly electrically conductive. Cellular phone addiction is ubiquitous. Cell towers on every corner, near schools, hospitals and in highly populated residential areas. Wireless devices in every home. New wireless devices and inventions for convenience that use wireless are being developed every day.

These trends, allegedly bringing greater “connectivity” and “connection” are a very sad and disturbing display of the absolute perversion of what true and real “connection” is all about. But of course, as humanity always seems to be masterful at accomplishing, we will unconsciously push the gifts of the heart and what should be the cultivation of our spiritual abilities into an externalized context, showing up as inventions in the outer world. Rather than cultivate deeper levels of human intimacy, connection, telepathy, clairvoyance and other inner gifts of the heart, mind and soul, we numb ourselves with externalized and distracting devices that are only pale reflections of our inner potentials.

The only hope in my mind, is if greater connectivity is created in the world through these wireless technologies, then miraculously the ways the wireless networks communicate changes over to frequencies that are not so harmful, which may not be quite so carcinogenic and genotoxic?

Everything You Should Know About 5G

This will blow your mind!

Qualcomm’s 5G Vision

Watch this one carefully, while considering where all these new “antennas” are going to be located!

World’s First 5G Mobile Device


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