A salt water powered sports car? It’s true, and Europe just made it street legal…

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A Saltwater Powered Sports Car - and Europe Just Made it Street Legal2nd July 2016

by Carolanne Wright

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Not so long ago, excitement rose to a fevered pitch with the announcement of a budget Tesla car slated to hit the streets in 2017. The cars are gorgeous, seemingly easy on the environment and in a price range the average Joe can afford. But over the last few years, there have been disgruntled murmurings about how electric vehicles aren’t that environmentally sound. Some feel they can actually be worse for the planet than combustion engines, since they often rely on conventional electricity sources to recharge. So while the idea is appealing in theory, the reality isn’t so rosy when we look at their actual impact. The same can be said for other technologies like hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid cars.

There is one advancement, however, that could be a genuine game changer in the realm of eco-friendly cars: saltwater powered vehicles.

The Trouble with…

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