Mainstream media finally admits 72 mass Banker “suicides” were likely a criminal conspiracy(video)…


By: The Voice of Reason |

There is no question that this is a story that just won’t die, even if 72 bankers in it’s path had to die before the story could get to this point. Hopefully no more will die before the wizard behind the curtain is finally revealed and brought to justice for his or her crimes… however that seems rather distant at the moment.

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Naturally throughout all of 2014 and 2015, anyone trying to make sense of how 72 high profile banking professionals all died in “mysterious suicides,” was labeled a “conspiracy theorist,” because after all… there’s nothing suspicious about that at all right?  It’s nice to see that what some were once ignorant enough to say looked like wild speculation, is now beginning to resemble a vast criminal conspiracy connected to the Libor, interest-rigging scandal as you can read in Jay’s article below. First though, in the following video, Dahboo77 discusses an article by Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show about the banker death phenomena. In addition to the banker deaths, Dahboo77 brings up the unexpected and sudden deaths of men like Andrew Breitbart, Tom Clancy, and Andrew Hastings (who’s covered more in detail below).

In the video you just saw, Dahboo77 claims all of those men went to their graves with stories untold. Was that by design? The next video titled, “Why Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings and Tom Clancy were Murdered” certainly makes the case that they were killed because they knew too much.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that anyone reading an article about 72 high level bankers all dead from “mysterious suicides” is open to the idea that Dahboo77 mentions in the first video when he talks about how this is “all tied together,” and how, “it’s so obvious.” There probably was a time when hearing about the global elites’ (also known as the Illuminati) master plan to enslave every man women and child on earth might have sounded like lunacy to you, but no more loony than 72 dead bankers, right? The skeptics can read some of my links at the bottom about HOW some of the dead bankers died.  That will erase any doubt. Dahboo77 also talks about moving toward the ultimate goal: One World Government with One World Currency, and he even mentions underground bunkers.



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