Ex-CIA spy faces prison in Italy for US ordered abductions and torture…

Ex-CIA Spy Faces Prison in Italy for Role in US Ordered Abductions, Torture


A 60-year-old former CIA officer who was on vacation at the time the US spy agency abducted an innocent man in Italy may be the only person to face prison time for the American torture regime.
On Wednesday, former CIA spy Sabrina De Sousa will be handed over to Italian authorities to serve a prison sentence for her role in helping to seize a terror suspect 13 years ago.
“In February 2003, Egyptian cleric and terror suspect Abu Omar was abducted from the streets of Milan as part of the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program. On the day in question, De Sousa was on vacation with her son on the ski slopes of Northern Italy over 185 miles (300 kilometers) away.”
Despite witnesses substantiating the retired CIA officer’s alibi, she, along with 25 other American intelligence officials, were convicted by an Italian court in absentia. De Sousa now faces a four-year prison sentence for her purported role in the kidnapping of Abu Omar, which she claims ignorance of.

None of the other 25 Americans convicted served time for their alleged involvement in the abduction, with De Sousa being the first CIA officer handed over to Italian authorities. It remains unclear whether the former CIA agent would immediately face prison time or whether she might receive a new trial, given that the original conviction was in absentia.

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