The symbolism of Werewolves…

by The God Guy

During the past several Halloween seasons, I have had fun delving into the symbolism portrayed by various scary creatures found in folklore and in Hollywood movies.

This year is no different. So I would like to concentrate on the concept of werewolves. I am convinced that these myths originated from people who had special knowledge about the human spirit. By identifying the symbolic meaning of such a mythological creature, like a werewolf, it becomes even more terrifying, more real and more relevant to our post-modern world!

Werewolves represent something lurking deep in our psycho-spiritual reality.

Let’s look at the various elements in this particular horror story and see how they can be interpreted spiritually to reveal new ideas.

Werewolves are humans who turn into savage beasts. This transformation is a symbolic portrayal of humans, who inwardly harbor such hatred towards others that they secretly seek to snatch away any goodness and innocence in others, to tear it apart and devour it. A “werewolf” represents someone who allows this hatred to manifest outwardly in action towards others.

That such a fierce transformation takes place at “night” and during a “full moon” symbolizes the darkness of such a person’s inner spiritual reality which, like the reflection of the full moon’s light, represents a heart and intellect separated from God’s teachings and goodness—just as the moon is separated from the real light (intelligence) and warmth (love) of the sun. Evidence for this spiritual interpretation is further underscored by the fact that a werewolf can only be killed by a silver bullet or object. “Silver” symbolizes God’struth!

While such a predatory creature symbolizes an evil passion hiding within a person’s inner spirit, such hideous creatures walking the earth were once physically possible!

Scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg said that such a physical mutation was possible when evil from hell dominated the hearts and minds of humans on earth. However, when the Lord God came into the world and lived among men and women, this possibility was nipped in the bud. Swedenborg claimed that as long as a person lived in the physical world, the Lord kept the door open for them to always be capable of receiving spiritual goodness and the truth of faith in order to turn their lives around. To protect and preserve this great purpose, the Lord God mercifully prevents such monstrous physical features from arising on the planet due to a person’s inner evils.

The scariest part about all this is that spiritual werewolves still remain a real threat because they can hide their predatory intentions and wear sheep’s clothing.



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