Alignment of Pyramids to former North Poles

 There are many ancient temples and pyramids aligned to the current North pole. Of the 228 selected structures 43 of them are exactly aligned to the current North pole. How coincidental is that?

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Alignment of Ancient Structures to Current North Pole

Tiwanaku is aligned to the current North Pole under an angle of 359.8 degrees. There’s much debate about Tiwanaku and who built it.

Why Temples and Pyramids Are Aligned

There are many ancient structures, like pyramids and temples, around the world positioned in such a way that their footprint points precisely to the current North pole.

The majority of the temples and pyramids were built in the middle of nowhere.

Now what would you do when you’ve all the space to position a pyramid?

Unless you’ve no idea what you’re doing, there’s only one logical answer to that question – you would align it to the geographical poles. Why?

When you want to study and predict solar cycles, moon cycles, solar eclipses, equinoxes, earth’s motions (obliquity, precession, eccentricity of orbit), or any other phenomenon in the sky, you must point your instrument to the only sure point – the rotation axis of the earth. Which is the geographical North pole. If you don’t do that you will introduce another variable into the equations, which makes them unsolvable.

But besides this, it also appeared that many other structures of importance are aligned to the geographical North pole without a clear reason. Pure symmetry between sunrise and sunset might have been one of the reasons.

This article is probably difficult for many readers. When you’re able to work your way through it, you might become aware how wrong our history is taught to us.

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