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by Peter Petterson

Ancient history…

A recent discussion on Yetis,or Abominable Snowmen from the Himalayas; Bigfoots or Sasquatch from Nth America; and possibly Bunyips from Australia has sent me on a research path, which I may bring some understanding of at some future point in time.

Yetis and Sasquatch have been described as hairy and manlike, or like bears. But Bunyips may be from a different ball- game all together.

The Bunyip may well be the historical diprotodon that possibly co-existed with early humans for many thousands of years or so. Bones of butchered animals have been unearthed from early human settlements and identified as being the diprotodon – a hippo sized wombat. These hairy monsters, as legend claimed,hid in water holes and jumped out and terrified the early aborigines.

Australia and New Zealand were together part of that ancient super southern continent of…

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