The shame of the Gallipoli campaign and its aftermath…

On The Level

Was this was kept quiet for decades to appease the Turks? A big read for Kiwis and Aussies.

On 25 April, Australian and NZ representatives will be at Gallipoli, remembering the sacrifices of ANZAC troops.

Millions of Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Christian civilians who died due to the Allied invasion may be ignored. Why? To appease Turkey, Australia and NZ only recall Gallipoli’s military history, shamefully pretending genocide by the Turks and Kurds didn’t happen, despite news reports (Daily Telegraph, Australia, 16 December 1915).

From 24 April 1915, Turks used the WWI invasion as an excuse to exterminate indigenous Christians, and used death camps like Hitler. It was the Muslim ‘final solution’ to ‘Turkify’ Asia Minor since the 1064 Turkic invasion.

Armenian property was stolen, thousands of churches were crushed, names changed – obliterating cultures.

Turks who killed received part of the ‘

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