Poland’s Lech Walesa was allegedly a Communist spy?


Lech Walesa was communist agent: Polish institute
Lech Walesa was communist agent: Polish institute

Warsaw (AFP) – Solidarity freedom hero Lech Walesa was a paid secret agent who collaborated with Poland’s communist regime, according to newly-found documents revealed Thursday — triggering an angry denial from the man himself.

Poland’s first post-communist president has long insisted such allegations are “absurd” and a special vetting court cleared him in 2000.

But rumours persist that he covertly fed the communist regime information while leading the freedom-fighting Solidarity, the Soviet bloc’s only independent trade union.

A newly-found secret police file contains “a collaboration agreement signed by Lech Walesa (codename) ‘Bolek’,” said Lukasz Kaminski, head of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) which prosecutes Nazi and communist era crime.

Apparently dating from the 1970s, the documents also contain payment receipts signed by “Bolek”, Kaminski told reporters in Warsaw Thursday.

The IPN published a summary of its findings on its website.

Walesa was quick to blast the allegation in a Thursday social media post saying: “There cannot be any materials written by me.”

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