Hello fellow blogger, I’m doing a WP 101 post…

pin write what you wish

This post is to introduce  myself not only to new bloggers but established bloggers as well.

Hutts Strange World is all about unusual or strange happenings or events around the web.

I hope people enjoy them because there is a lot of education to be had as well. Some are shocking and occasionally downright disgusting. That is for you to decide.

Why don’t you regularly visit here and my other three blogs as well

Best wishes,



10 responses to “Hello fellow blogger, I’m doing a WP 101 post…

  1. Hello Peter, yes I will be reading your posts. I read something encouraging the other day. There is a great deal of anxiety in the USA about the future of public education. The billionaires and corporate giants wish to privatise it all, they call this reform! Many parents and other interested people got together over social media and in certain cities have been able to vote these paid for politicians of local boards. I felt enormously cheered up by that.
    I’ve been reading very good things about NZ.


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