My Life as an Artist (2)

Imagine if you have ideas for paintings, books, music or all sorts of other creative endeavours….but you lack the tools with which to express them.

Compound this with the notion that the luxury of creating is only for a select few – or those who do create seemingly  arrive on this planet with all the necessary skills and talents already formed!

In my last blog, Self-Discipline equals Freedom,  I described how I found the freedom to fully express myself by establishing new and positive habits into my life.    These routines and habits brought with them a daily structure which I still adhere to.    When I live within that structure I feel fulfilled and content…when I don’t, I feel a sense of frustration.

definitions of frustration:

anger, resentment, disappointment, discouragement, depression, discontent, lack of self esteem/confidence

Large symbolic oil on board – mural for public building in USA…

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