An open secret- Child Stars…

Amy Berg’s documentary An Open Secret is about the sexual abuse of Hollywood’s child stars.

Among the ‘abusers’ named are:

Marty Weiss
Michael Harrah
Bob Villard
Marc Collins-Rector 
Chad Shackley.

Hollywood Reporter

Micheal Egan III (above) accused X-Men director Bryan Singer of abusing him at pool parties held by Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley.

Egan eventually dropped his legal suits against Singer and against:

TV executive Garth Ancier,
former Disney executive David Neuman
and producer Gary Goddard.

A large number of child celebrities are reported to be victims of the CIA’s MK ULTRA mind-control.

Rector-Collins was jailed in 2004 after pleading guilty to transporting minors across state lines to have sex with them.

Marty Weiss pleaded no contest in 2012 to two counts of committing lewd acts on a child after he was charged with molesting a young performer he represented.

Bob Villard represented Leonardo DiCaprio when he was a boy.

Villard pleaded no contest to a felony charge in 2005 after he allegedly sold lewd pictures of boys on eBay.

Michael Harrah, a talent manager, is accused in the film of having young boys stay with him in his home and of attempting to take at least one of them to bed.

Hollywood Sex Abuse Film Revealed: Explosive Claims, New Figures Named (Exclusive) / Amy Berg ‘An Open Secret’ Clip – Elle

How on earth did the Spartacus editors know the details of all these boy brothels around the world?


Offspring of Obama advisers launch D.C. boy band.


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