What pisses Australia off: It’s under attack!

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Australia is under attack. The enemy is spurious, devious, prevailing and has the capacity to destroy our democratic way of life. It has already infiltrated our halls of power and upper echelons of government and its propaganda bombards us everyday with the affect that its power is now seeping into our very thought processes.

No – the enemy is not ISIS or invading aliens from outer space. It is something even more dangerous – ‘Political Correctness’ and its powerful army of ‘thought police’ is on the march again.

The last straw for my this week was the report that the badges on the hats of Australian Army Chaplains are to be changed because it may offends Muslims because the motto ‘In this sign conquer’ which is associated with The Crusades when Christians armies fought Muslims in the Holy Lands during the Middle Ages. That was in the year 1095 people!

Member for Hughes, Craig Kelly, spoke out about this matter in Parliament saying, “this decision is nothing other than appeasement to political correctness and this decision, in itself, is divisive”

Senator Cory Bernardi is another politician who has recognised this ‘enemy’ and correctly pointed out “political correctness is designed to undermine free speech, common sense and debate in the public arena. It is an instrument of the Left, who use it to push their ideas onto society”.

We are indeed being stifled and have become fearful of what we say in case we are seen as racist or offending someone. And the growth of our society is suffering as a result. No one is game to mention the social injustices in policy areas such as indigenous domestic violence and child sexual abuse, the issues of immigration, refugees, Muslims, crime and mental health. These topics are all in the ‘whisper zone’.

The very face of freedom and peace, Dr Martin Luther King Jr warned, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

I am sooo over attending meetings or events where I have to sit through the welcome speech where I am supposed to be grateful to traditional owners to be allowed to stand on this land. My people came over here in chains. They did not invade. I was born here so I am indigenous and Australia is my land too.

I will celebrate Christmas not happy holidays, we will have a Christmas tree not a holiday tree, Santa will exclaim ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ (I don’t care if this offends women, non-Christians or little men from Mars)

This is my heritage, my traditions and as a participant in this democratic society (which are grandfathers, sons, brothers fought and died to keep) I will continue to battle this ‘enemy’ because I fear the baby boomers have, in the past, been accepting in this ‘invasion of the PC police’ but now we must stand up for the right to free speech or our grandchildren are in danger of becoming nothing more then drones in a society stifled in the political landscape. Already we are seeing a majority of people in a society becoming disengaged from any debate on social issues and a more likely to ‘go with the flow’ through fear of being ridiculed or being labeled.

Remember, Edmund Burke said “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. (or should that be good women…no, good people)…or really!

Tell us, do you think it’s gone too far?



One response to “What pisses Australia off: It’s under attack!

  1. I am sick and tired of political correctness…and yes, it is unbelievably dangerous….under the guise of equal rights, it actually prevents free speech….which in turn leads us to the madness so much of the world is experiencing…..Janet.


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