If these claims that the Christchurch earthquakes were man-made are true – send me the proof and I will haarp on about it…

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Christchurch: The Man-Made Earthquakes – What Really Happened, How And Why

Christchurch: The Man-Made Earthquakes – What Really Happened, How And Why
December 5 2015 | From: WakeUpKiwi via GodElectric 

The Rothschild cartel attacked Christchurch with their Earthquake weaponry killing 185 people and injuring thousands over a prolonged period.

This article is written from the perspective of someone on the ground during these events, employed at the leading Geotechnical Engineering firm in the country, which was responsible for the Earthquake Commission land damage assessments. I am not a whistleblower, the people in the military have yet to come forward. 

It is believed that the motive for the attack was financial greed. The Rothschild cartel used the military industrial complex to target the Central Business District of Christchurch, the area with the highest land values as a method of releasing stored funds. 

Prior to the Christchurch Earthquake New Zealand was the least indebted nation of the western world. Increasing Government debt driving wealth back into corrupt insurance cartels of the City of London and other financial institutions of the world was done at the expense of the people of New Zealand. 

The motive of greed meant the destruction of the city was planned meticulously. Little thought was given in regards to any rebuild.

Corrupt banking cartels privately bought up the most profitable part of the reconstruction process, the project management companies like Fletchers, in advance of the Earthquake occurring.

Earthquakes are the result of charge displacement, causing underground lightning. The hieroglyphs describe the dynamics of Earth events, through the relationship explained bySekhmet and Ptah.

To understand how Earthquakes can be electrically induced, we will begin by explaining what is commonly termed as HAARP.

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Bernard Eastlunds patent is shown below adjacent to the Tutankhamen headrest, together highlighting how the dynamics of the Earth and how it can be used to magnify energy for natural disasters. In theory HAARP can charge the Van Allen Belts moving charge layers, inducing charge in the rocks below.

Bernard Eastlund HAARP Patent alongside Tutankhamen Headrest.

The conclusion section of the patent contains the following text:

“This invention has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments… Two new approaches to weather modification and control are suggested.

The first is for manipulation of the steering winds that control the development of mesocyclones, or the modification of the directions of the jet streams that influence development of hurricanes. The second is a method for influencing the electrical charge distribution in weather patterns such as meso-cyclones.

Possible defense applications include a method of accelerating electrons to MEV energies in conjunction with the HAARP antenna. Research applications include the creation of bright and controlled guide stars for astrophysical purposes.

Thus it can be seen that the ramifications are numerous, far-reaching, and exceedingly varied in usefulness.”

Shu Djed Column

Djed column


I believe a number of different types of Earthquake weapons were used on Christchurch. I happened to be positioned at both the transmission and receiving nodes during the December earthquake event and was subsequently mind controlled out of the country, narrowly escaping death.

Raytheon, the company owned by Rothschild cartel bought the patents to HAARP and have offices in Christchurch, what is more worrying is they also have bases located across the entire Antarctic continent. This is of significant strategic importance

John Key says: Christchurch Earthquake was man made?

Even though it is clear that New Zealand Prime Minister is a Cabal sellout / placement (or there is simply no way he would have come to hold such an office), he was clearly fumbling or pissed off on some level with what happened there as he twice referrs to the quake/s as man made in a thinly veiled manner:

Signals are magnified at the poles of the earth many thousands of times by the phenomenon known as Tesla Magnifying Resonance, creating the energy required for large natural disasters. Because of this phenomenon both Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, the U.S. Navy, Russia and China are in a race for military supremacy at the poles.

SuperDARN is one such array that is already established at the poles of the earth under the guise of experimentation, it does however have hidden modes of operation which have been photographed such as at Unwin radar.

The Unwin Radar

“The station is very significant from a global perspective as it completes a worldwide network of radars focussed on auroral zones, called SuperDARN.

Southland is regarded as an ideal location for such a facility because of the southerly aspect, low radio noise and unobstructed horizon.”

– From the Venture Southland website


The Unwin Radar (Left) and significant ionization visible near Unwin SuperDARN Radar – Bluff, New Zealand (right)

The SuperDARN radar is strategically located, near the main electricity trunk line from Manapouri power plant that serves the Aluminium smelters at the south of the island.

I was holidaying near Bluff on the Southern tip of New Zealand, 3 days before the December 2011 earthquake for my trip to Stewart Island. I saw an ionized rainbow cloud not more than 1km above the surface of the earth, I heard clicking interference on the radio and suffered severe drowsiness. Later that day there was a wave formation of clouds going back to a singular point in the sky as far as the eye could see.

Below is a picture of backscatter in Bluff, this was occurring during the week prior to the larger earthquake events in Christchurch.

22 December 2012 (Approx. 24hrs to Event) – Backscatter producing Scalar Cloud Spiral near Unwin Radar – Bluff, New Zealand

Before the larger earthquake event Russian media channel RT reported 107 dead pilot whales being washed ashore on Stewart Island, close to where Unwin radar is located.

Because of the power transmitted into the ionosphere by these antennae interference can be heard on all bands of the car radio, shown below.

Truthers on the internet did a great job of exposing what happened, with videos such as the one below appearing on Youtube.

The power for these Earthquakes is not generated in the core of the Earth. The hieroglyphs explain we are part of an Electric Universe. Gods Electricity flows through the galaxy charging planets and stars.

SuperDARN type RADARs couple into the ionosphere through mechanics explained byPakhet, generating the power needed to create the larger natural disasters such as erupting volcanoes and earthquakes.

When used in this manor the Galactic power line, or Gods Electricity is used to destroy cities like Christchurch, New Zealand and others. God will answer this stupidity, its written into the heart of our civilization, in our music as an Omen.

Central Business District Targeted – Christchurch, New Zealand

The earthquakes were ‘pepperdusted’ daily across the Canterbury plain by the military industrial complex. Coordinates were given regardless of the lithosphere – hallmark evidence that a HAARP weapon was being used to generate the land damage. Sometimes ruptures would occur less than 10km below the surface of Christchurch, at extremely shallow depths.

The vertical acceleration was recorded up to 2.7G or 2.7 times the force of gravity, extraordinarily high for the magnitude of earthquake. For a shallow rupture to develop such a high vertical force HAARP or an Earthquake weapon is the only plausible explanation, the physics are more akin to having a bomb detonate underground.

2.7G Vertical Acceleration. Shallow Rupture. Click on the image above to view a bigger version in a new window

In the Cashmere Caverns below Christchurch, one of the worlds most accurate Ring Lasers was installed in 2005. This extremely expensive and sensitive equipment was unmanned and supposedly installed for the Canterbury Physics department.

It did however have a live uplink onto the internet which the military could in theory have accessed allowing them to accurately calculate the charge state of the surrounding area.

Fox news also reported that 9 US senators, plus the head of FEMA and a “delegation” just “happened” to be in Christchurch New Zealand and just “happened” to leave a couple of hours before the quake struck.

They marked the anniversary of the Earthquake with an electrical weather event. Golf ball hail rained down on the people of Christchurch.

Could the NWO be in the process of unknowingly for filling Bible prophecy –

Earthquakes in divers places.”

– (Matt 24:7) (Mark 13:8) (Luke 21:11)

If you read this article, it is important you understand the site mindcontrol.se. Your thoughts are not always your own.

Also I can recommend reading Robert Duncans Book Soul Catcher. It has a very exact account of the methods and practices used to torture me, as a Civil Engineer who saw the truth whilst on the ground in Christchurch. I never cried for these people that tortured me, despite being locked up, tortured and discredited so that I lost my career.

The only times I would ever cry is when they would use my true love against me, threatening to rape and abuse her via synthetic experiences, synthetic telepathy and Voice to Skull technology.

I underwent years of torture like this. The most hurtful of any being ten years earlier for reasons I do not understand, they deceived her from me using this technology soon after we fell in love whilst studying at University.

(Note: On page 235 Robert Duncan explains that the leadership of this planet still use the phonetic translation of the hieroglyphs to communicate, which is effectively showing their complete ineptitude due to greed. They failed to look at even the basic principles in nature knowing full well this is an Electric Universe.)

The hieroglyphs for Ramesses and Osiris explain that the electrical resonance of Earth and the creation of Earthquakes is watched by the Gods or advanced life in the cosmos. Not only this but every thought is being watched, including the entirety of the Illuminati or leadership of this planet.

The symbol that is the Eye of Providence carries with it this very meaning, that nothing is hidden from the cosmos. The cosmos allows free will on Earth but explains clearly that this universe is about love.

The leadership of our planet has become stupid over time because they do not follow this path, instead following a path of greed, blinding them from the real truth which is Gods earth. It is true that I proved God to my mind controller, by deciphering the hieroglyphs infront of them as they tortured me from my true love.

Anubis – Egyptian Jackal

Truth is stranger than fiction, its an extraordinary Universe and our hearts and minds are linked to it.”


The meaning of the word conspiracy – “A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful”.

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My Story [Draft]

Note: The following account was written by the author of the article above. It deals with advanced mind control technologies which most people are not aware of. This material is disturbing – and will sound unbelievable to some – but the reality is that these technologies do in fact exist. Images have been added to provide context.

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I am a TI that has been extensively tortured using military grade mind control since 2002. My girlfriend was taken from me and I believe she was raped however I am unable to help her because she refuses to speak with me. I have been placed under HAARP during its activation for the 4th largest induced earthquake in Christchurch.

I have also been subjected to years of synthetic experiences, they use the love I have for my girlfriend as a means to try and break me down. The worst torture I have endured has been months of a tingling sensation under my scrotum induced my military grade mind control weaponry with a man in my head saying “she is being penetrated by another man”.

The Summary of Events

New Zealand I arrived in New Zealand August 2011, blissfully ignorant that manmade earthquakes were a reality, having never heard of HAARP or Electric Universe theory. I immediately started work at T&T where I was to evaluate Land damage for the Canterbury Land Information report and EQC claims.

EQC is the New Zealand Earthquake commission that provide disaster insurance for residential property in the event of a natural disaster. I am a fit and healthy man who understands his body, it was apparent that working in Christchurch I would suffer from severe exhaustion, usually in the run up to Earthquakes.

I was also speaking to the people of Christchurch, face to face contact with up to 30 Earthquake victims per day and many would describe similar symptoms. If you have ever been in a big earthquake you will understand the immense power to behold, to comprehend how this could be man-made took me some deliberation.

I have explained using the hieroglyphs and the theory behind Tesla Magnifying Resonance using the Earth and how they achieve this effect in the appendix of this document. December 19th I was driving a hire car to Bluff for a Christmas vacation to Stewart Island, I approached Bluff from the Catlins Conservatory Park on the Tokanui Gorge Road Highway and Gorge Road Invercargill Highway.

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All the occupants of the vehicle, were suffering from severe drowsiness and were asleep despite being fully rested the previous day at Dunedin. Sometime between 2:00pm and 4:00pm close to my approach to Invercargill outside the left hand window of the vehicle was a ionized rainbow cloud, not more than 1km above the surface of the earth.

It puzzled me and I questioned the occupants of the vehicle as to what sort of rainbow can appear in a cloud, no one could answer the question and we did not stop to investigate because we were all suffering from severe drowsiness. There was also clicking interference on all bands of the car radio, including FM.

I have included a photo similar to what I saw that day below. At this point I also received a subliminal message which I originally thought was God, saying “You will need that cloud later”. I now know that message was sent by a mind controller on this earth who has been targeting me for some time.

That evening we stayed at a Hostel in Bluff, I looked out to the North and could see wave formation of clouds going back as far as the eye could see, it ended at a singular point in the sky close to where I saw the ionized rainbow earlier that day. 3 days later The 4th largest earthquake struck Christchurch, luckily there were no deaths.

Upon further investigation on my return to Christchurch it revealed that the Unwin SuperDARN Radar was close to the location. Part of the SuperDARN array, Super Dual Auroral Radar Network evolved in the west during the late Cold War. Then we had a strange earthquake late one night which was more like a Vertical bounce.

I then started scouring the internet for information about HAARP. I wrote an email to Structural Geologist from Otago University questioning his article about the earthquakes and their causes. 4 weeks later I was posted on an unusual job to investigate slump from extraordinary excessive rainfall of someone’s front drive in Akaroa.

It became apparent that the front drive I was investigating was the Structural Geologist I had emailed querying manmade earthquakes 4 weeks prior. Upon meeting him in the drive we discussed the idea, he was having great difficulty he said writing another article on the subject – I believe secretly suspicious in what I was saying.

The mind controller was able to make people speak, I remember the specific urge to talk words that I did not want to say when others around me were talking. I kept quiet but found the whole experience odd, eventually working out that it was a mind controlled event. The probability of me arriving on his front drive with the thousands of houses and EQC claims available, was mind control – though not apparent to me at that time.

Sometime continued and I carried on investigating man-made earthquakes using HAARP. Eventually convincing myself of the science behind such an event. It was after trying to raise the alarm at work I came home and had an audible message in my ears in the room I was in.

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This was around May-July 2012, shortly after a photo appeared on facebook with her looking like she had fallen down some stairs, however she would not speak to me so I was unable to understand what went on. Naturally intrigued as to what mind control was I seek answers, it was only now that I began waking up to mind control and the fact that they could both listen to control the thoughts in your head.

I would be surfing the internet, if I found a website on the subject it would become apparent that it was increasingly difficult to concentrate. I put together more and more evidence, and was positioning myself to wake up people in Christchurch. It was shortly after I tried to wake up a work colleague, which I returned home to have an audible message.

Continue reading at: GodElectric


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