James Corbett on the Paris attacks of November 13th…

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James Corbett

The Paris Attacks: An Open Source Investigation

by James Corbett and the corbettreport.com community
November 14, 2015

As many as 149 are reported dead today as six separate shooting incidents took place around Paris Friday and apparent suicide explosions rocked the Stade de France in nearby Saint-Denis.

A siege at the Bataclan theatre in the 11th arrondisement has ended with a SWAT raid, the reported freeing of “at least 100 hostages” and the death of two attackers. The interior ministry said 112 people died in the theatre.

Unconfirmed reports are now suggesting that Syrian passports were recovered from the attackers.

SOFREP is reporting that the attacks were known about in advance, as French national police were meeting with “the German BKA federal police and BND federal intelligence service to discuss an imminent pre-planned terrorist attack in Paris” two weeks ago.

News about the attacks and international reaction is still coming in. Corbett Report members are asked to supply links to relevant information and contribute to its analysis in the comment section below. This article will be updated as that information is compiled and discussed.



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