Fancy that! Huffington Post discovers the South Island of New Zealand…

Popular news website the Huffington Post‘s Associate Lifestyle Editor was aghast – and delighted – to learn that New Zealand had not just one island, but two!

Shock: New Zealand's extra island.Shock discovery: New Zealand’s extra island.

Photo: Google maps

Addressing tourists who may largely be familiar with the northern hemisphere, Suzy Strutner wrote, many “have always imagined New Zealand as one singular island. Yet savvy travelers know the country actually consists of twomain islands: the North and the South.”

She describes “North Island” as a Maori culture and scuba diving hotspot (which boasts “cosmopolitan cities” Auckland and Wellington), before turning to “South Island.”

“As it turns out, New Zealand’s sensationally beautiful and significantly less populous South Island is a sprawling, rugged paradise many tourists have shockingly failed to appreciate.”

Queenstown Airport against the backdrop of The Remarkables mountain range.Queenstown Airport against the backdrop of The Remarkables mountain range.

Photo: Queenstown Airport

A correction at the end of the page apologises for locating East Cape “on South Island”, while in fact it “is located on North Island.”

So while the Huffington Post may have figured out that there are two separate islands, it’s still having a bit of difficulty with which is which.

What’s going to happen when they find out about Stewart Island?


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